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"Training ist das Gegenteil von Hoffnung." Possibility Management


Ich begleite Dich und Dein Team bei der Entwicklung von Integrität, Selbstwirksamkeit und Beziehungsfähigkeit. Erkenntnisse aus den Bereichen Achtsamkeit, Gemeinschaftsbildung, Konflikttransformation und Possibility Management bilden die Grundlagen meines Wirkens.



For people and organzisations who want more clarity, connectedness and joy of life.

Opportunities coaching

Expanding your own options for action.

Life consists of countless possibilities. Usually we only use a small fraction of it. This is because we have developed certain survival mechanisms that no longer serve us in adult life. Appreciating and exploring these survival mechanisms  reveal new possibilities.

malen Sie Muster
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"I am deeply impressed by the quality of the sessions I was able to experience with Kathrin. The mixture between intensive and radical work in a fine-celebrated space impressed me and resonated for a long time. The non-linear impulses inspired me. But the most important thing is that I see concrete changes in my everyday life and can now act and communicate with more clarity and integrity in relationships."



About me


I started my professional career as a nurse. Helping other people in difficult life situations gave me meaning early on. Since I wanted to develop myself further, I studied sociology and pedagogy. After working in administration, quality management, research and teaching at universities, I now support people and teams in developing their relationship skills. I am a mediator SDM and trainer for mindfulness in organizations. My own development gives thankspossibility managementquantum leaps.


Hereit goes to my CV.




Articles allow me to link scientific knowledge with empirical knowledge.


In my videos I summarize essential content and inspire with experiments.

Beiträge kommen bald.


Kathrin Jehle

Glarisegg Schloss 1

8266 Steckborn

Phone 079 431 98 67

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